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The Babysitter Netflix

Jetzt auf Netflix ansehen. Die Hauptrollen dieser McG-Horrorkomödie spielen Samara Weaving („Ash vs Evil Dead“) und Bella Thorne („You Get Me“). The Babysitter: Killer Queen ist die Fortsetzung der Netflix-Horrorkomödie The Babysitter. Im Sequel wird Judah Lewis zwei Jahre später während ein. Als Cole eines Nachts länger aufbleibt, entdeckt er, dass seine Babysitterin Teil eines satanischen Kults ist, der vor nichts zurückschreckt, um ihn ruhig zu.

The Babysitter 3 wird bereits vom Regisseur geplant „The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen“ ist gerade erst auf Netflix erschienen, aber Regisseur McG denkt bereits weiter. Wenn die. McG möchte aus seiner blutigen, spaßigen Horrorkomödie "The Babysitter" eine Trilogie machen. Die Zuschauer und Netflix werden darüber. Jetzt auf Netflix ansehen. Die Hauptrollen dieser McG-Horrorkomödie spielen Samara Weaving („Ash vs Evil Dead“) und Bella Thorne („You Get Me“).

The Babysitter Netflix The Babysitter 3: How does The Babysitter Killer Queen set it up? Video

The Babysitter Official Trailer #1 2017 Bella Thorne Netflix Horror Comedy Movie HD

The Babysitter Netflix
The Babysitter Netflix From McG and Netflix comes the fun horror-comedy The Babysitter. When Cole stays awake to see what his babysitter does after he goes to bed he accidentally witnesses her and her friends committing 72%(29). 10/13/ · Directed by McG. With Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Robbie Amell, Hana Mae Lee. The events of one evening take an unexpected turn for the worst for a young boy trying to spy on his babysitter/10(K). [CR] [Review] The Babysitter () Netflix กระทู้รีวิว ภาพยนตร์ ภาพยนตร์ตลก ภาพยนตร์สยองขวัญ ภาพยนตร์ระทึกขวัญ ภาพยนตร์ต่างประเทศ.

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Weitere Film-News. The film was released on Netflix on September 10, Reception. Early reviews for The Babysitter: Killer Queen were "leaning negative", with critics calling the film "uninspired" and "embarrassing". Nov 12, From McG and Netflix comes the fun horror-comedy The Babysitter. When Cole stays awake to see what his babysitter does after he goes to bed he accidentally witnesses her and her. The Babysitter: Killer Queen arrived three years after the first movie, but wasn't even announced until September Since The Babysitter 's release in , Netflix has been quicker to. Directed by McG. With Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Jenna Ortega, Emily Alyn Lind. Two years after Cole survived a satanic blood cult, he's living another nightmare: high school. Two years after defeating a satanic cult led by his babysitter Bee, Cole's trying to forget his past and focus on surviving high school. But when old enemies.
The Babysitter Netflix

When Cole stays awake to see what his babysitter does after he goes to bed he accidentally witnesses her and her friends committing a satanic ritual, and soon finds himself being hunted by them.

Samara Weaving gives an excellent performance and makes for a compelling villain that's both beautiful and diabolically evil.

And Judah Lewis is also pretty good as child actors go , coming off as a smart, likable kid that audiences want to root for.

Additionally, the film balances the comedy and horror quite well, in a tongue-in-check way. Still, some of it comes off as a little too cartoonish, and the gross-out humor doesn't quite fit.

Yet despite having a few issues, The Babysitter delivers wicked laughs and entertaining thrills. Dann M Super Reviewer.

Feb 21, First things first, this is only the second movie I've seen her second in a week too , but how good is Samara Weaving? That's a rhetorical question, I know the answer, she's fucking great.

She kinda reminds me, physically, a bit of Margot Robbie and there's worse people out there to be compared to physically, let me tell you that right now.

I don't wanna fawn over this woman, but she's supremely talented and she's, hopefully, gonna be a star in no time. Anyway, let's move on.

Evil babysitter movies are a dime a dozen. I don't wanna say it's a played out, because while there's a bunch of these in existence, there's not as many as, say, slashers.

I feel that there's still some life left in the genre and exploring new avenues with which to tell their story, whatever form it may take.

I'm not gonna sit here and say that this is the best example of a fresh and clever angle with which to tell the evil babysitter story, but I will say that it is one that's quite a bit of fun.

But it's also a movie whose quieter and more 'sensitive' moments, if they can be called that, feel at odds with what really should be a more fast-paced romp.

And I get that these are scenes that probably help flesh out the characters, like give you more of an insight into Cole's personality and why he's scared of everything.

It plays nicely into the concept of, really, this being a coming-of-age movie, where Cole pretty much conquers all of his fears in one long and messed up night, but I felt that the quieter scenes kept the pace from moving more briskly than it should have.

And this is a movie that runs barely 80 minutes and for it to have pacing issues is a bit of a problem, at least to me. That's not really so much of a problem, I mean it is, but I still had fun watching this movie.

There's obviously an 80s vibe throughout the movie. It has that sort of style, with Cole falling in love with his babysitter, and who could blame him, then coming to the realization that, she's an evil satanist who performs rituals to get her every wish.

She needs the blood of the innocent for these rituals, hence why she's so close to Cole. Naturally, he's not the only kid she's done this to.

During the film's events, however, she brings a group of friends to take part in the ritual as well. It's never made clear if this is the first time she's brought people into her rituals or not, but I guess it's really irrelevant in the long run.

It just comes across as a way to introduce a diverse cast of stereotypical horror characters. There's the jock, the cheerleader, the hipster, the hot babysitter, and the class clown I'm assuming.

This allows the movie, given that it's mostly centered around this group, more bodies to dispose of in incredibly violent ways. One of the characters has the worst death of all of the characters possible and I feel that it's gonna be seen negatively, given the fact that the death involves the only black guy in the group.

It's an incredibly gory death and it looks great, but there's that factor involved. The acting is strong all around.

I've never thought Bella Thorne was a particularly good actress, but she's great as this dumb, vain cheerleader.

She has a bunch of great one liners, particularly after she's shot in her boob. King Bach, who plays John, is also entertaining in his small role in the film.

I've already mentioned how great Samara Weaving is. Judah Lewis is also surprisingly good as Cole. I don't wanna say the character has a lot of depth, but he brings life to this character and makes him a little more than just a 'straight man' to all the madness that is occurring around him.

As I've mentioned, the gore is pretty great all things considered and, as I've mentioned, at 80 minutes long, in spite of its awkward pacing, never overstays its welcome.

Don't really have much else to say about this, I had a fun time watching this. There are problems that, I felt, kept this from being a better movie.

But that's really irrelevant in the long run. If you have Netflix and want a quick and easy horror movie to watch, then this is just what the doctor ordered.

Not gonna blow your mind or anything like that, but if you have a group of friends with you, then this will be a blast to watch with them.

Dec 09, I may take issue with Samara Weaving, but a fun movie's a fun movie. End of story. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Robbie Amell in this, who in the past has always disappointed me.

Those small praises aside, The Babysitter is not exactly groundbreaking cinema, and while I certainly enjoyed having it on in the background to a certain degree, I didn't get enough from it to say it's outright worth your time.

Gimly M Super Reviewer. Nov 25, Cole and Phoebe had slept together, so his blood is no longer "innocent" and when the cult members drink the blood cocktail, they all die.

Bee is the last to take a drink as she's the "last demon" and everything seems to be back to normal for Cole. However, in the credits scene, it's revealed that the 'Devil's Bible' which contains the ritual hasn't been destroyed and is ready for anyone who wants to try their luck.

Director McG — who also co-wrote the movie — has confirmed that there are plans for a third movie. If the audience wants it, they'll see it and we'll do it and, if they say, 'No, I don't like this', then we won't.

And I would love to because I would love to conclude the arc of the Cole character," he told CBR. McG added that he's a big fan of the "surprises" in Killer Queen , such as Melanie and Bee effectively swapping positions as villain and hero from the first movie, and he teased more to come in the potential third movie.

Given that McG has spoken about the third movie wrapping up Cole's arc, then we can expect to see Judah Lewis back as Cole and after the events of Killer Queen , Jenna Ortega should be back as Phoebe.

What's less clear is whether the blood cult members will be back for another attempt at Cole's life. It's not revealed whether the failed ritual in the sequel means a permanent death for them or just a return to limbo.

Earlier in the sequel, Max explains that since they died in the first movie, they've been in limbo and if they didn't complete the ritual by sunrise, they'd return to limbo for two years before they can try again.

We imagine this is the route the third movie will go down with them all returning again , so that could mean returns for Robbie Amell's Max, Bella Thorne's Allison, Hana Mae Lee's Sonya, Andrew Bachelor's John and Emily Alyn Lind's Melanie.

Samara Weaving's Bee played a smaller role in the sequel, but we'd expect to see at least a cameo in the third movie, if it happens. There's no official release date for a third movie yet as it hasn't even been confirmed by Netflix, but we can take some educated guesses.

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Retrieved August 12, Films directed by McG. Visit our Black History Month section. Cole Judah Lewis loves his babysitter Samara Weaving Bee.

She's hot, funny, and popular. One night, in a moment of defiance, Cole secretly stays up past his bedtime to discover she's actually a cold-blooded killer who's in league with the Devil.

He now must spend his night evading Bee's band of killers who will stop at nothing to prevent Cole from spilling their dark secret.

It's up to Cole to survive the night and blow up a few people along the way. All the "tween horror" a parent can stand. I just watched the new Netflix movie The Babysitter.

I have to say it was a fun, campy, coming of age horror that is lacking today. With McG directing, it's a good mix of real life, comedy and horror that make for an entertaining good time.

From the beginning you're all in with the 12 year old boy who lead who has a bully, a girl as a best friend and parents that still think he needs a babysitter.

Fortunately for him, his babysitter is a bit of a beautiful bad ass. Too bad she also dabbles in the occult. And that's when the fun starts.

Good deaths mixed with humor are what make this movie a good watch that keeps you engaged the whole time.

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Company Credits.

Mary Viola Producer. DID YOU KNOW? October UK Streaming Guide. Melanie Andrew Bachelor The Babysitter: Killer Queen is now available to watch on Netflix. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Super Reviewer. Shortly after the announcement, it was reported that McG, Dan LaganaBrad Morris and Jimmy Warden would write the screenplay for the sequel. Release Dates. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords Advanced Search. I Spider Man Spider Man Spider Man wanna say it's a played out, because while there's a bunch of these in existence, there's not Pom Poko Stream many as, say, slashers. And Judah Lewis is also pretty good as child actors gocoming off as a smart, likable kid that audiences want to root for. But that's really irrelevant in the long run. Add Article. Log In. Cole and Phoebe arrive at Phoebe's old family Sky Go Auf Pc, where Truman Capot take refuge and hope to wait out the night. Read critic reviews. Sign In.
The Babysitter Netflix Als der jährige Cole eines Tages etwas länger aus gewöhnlich auf bleibt, findet er heraus, dass seine Babysitterin Teil einer satanistischen Sekte ist. Dass der Junge immer schon in das hübsche Mädchen verknallt war, hilft ihm dabei gar nicht. The Babysitter ist eine US-amerikanische Horrorkomödie von McG aus dem Jahr Der Film mit Samara Weaving, Judah Lewis, Hana Mae Lee, Robbie Amell und Bella Thorne in den Hauptrollen wurde am Oktober weltweit von Netflix veröffentlicht. Die Veröffentlichung erfolgte weltweit am September auf Netflix. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Produktion. Jetzt auf Netflix ansehen. Die Hauptrollen dieser McG-Horrorkomödie spielen Samara Weaving („Ash vs Evil Dead“) und Bella Thorne („You Get Me“).
The Babysitter Netflix Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. HD UHD 4K HDR DOLBY VISION Kulturhauptstadt Nürnberg SURROUND DOLBY ATMOS. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Stream Der Untergang bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. The Babysitter.


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